Buy Instagram followers: yes or no? – An analysis of the controversy

Social media is increasingly gaining in popularity and importance in our society. Instagram is no exception. However, to build up a high reach via Instagram, a certain number of followers is initially helpful, since experience shows that mostly accounts that already have a certain number of followers are followed.

Although intensive work and good content make it possible to gain enough followers over time, it is much easier and faster to bridge this difficult initial phase with the purchase of Instagram followers. For this reason, more and more users are choosing to go the quick and easy way and buy followers.

However, there is more to be considered than you might think at first glance, because there are many pitfalls for inexperienced people, which can lead to follower buying that does not boost business but slows it down.

In addition, many people wonder if it’s morally acceptable to buy Instagram followers, or if they could potentially get into massive trouble.

This detailed guide provides information on this topic by objectively analyzing the controversy on all sides.

Why are Instagram followers purchased?

First of all, let’s clarify why more and more people feel the urge to buy Instagram followers, rather than relying on enough followers themselves over time.

Experience shows that Instagram users prefer to follow those accounts that already have a greater or lesser number of followers. Profiles that have few or no followers, however, have a much harder time convincing users and getting followers.

That’s why more and more influencers, politicians, businesses, celebrities and even ordinary people are coming up with the idea to spice up their Instagram stats with bought followers.

Not only does it look better, but it also aims to increase future success by increasing reach faster and adding real followers in a short time. Although this idea is not fundamentally wrong, it is not quite as simple as it sounds, in reality, because there is much to consider and to consider.

This is especially because on the one hand, many black sheep have discovered this market for themselves and on the other hand customers and business partners bought followers are often skeptical, so you should not be tempted by the cheapest and thus usually inferior offers.

Advantages of follower buying

Let’s take a look at the benefits of buying followers. No doubt, if you get it right the biggest advantage is that the success in online marketing is much faster.

In addition, it offers the opportunity to save a relatively small amount of time with relatively little financial resources, which can be better invested in other ways in its activity.

Here are the benefits of buying followers at a glance:

  • faster overall success
  • more real followers
  • low cost
  • time savings
  • much less work
  • higher credibility
  • higher range
  • higher chance to win more followers
  • faster gain of more followers

Disadvantages of follower buying

However, there are a number of disadvantages to these attractive benefits, which admittedly can be handled with some caution. Especially the many black sheep, which offer inferior services, in which the purchased followers are not infrequently obvious as fake follower, are a high risk dar.

If customers or business partners notice this, in many cases this leads to an irreversible loss of trust, so that follow-up buying does exactly the opposite of what it should have done. In addition, fake followers lead to unnatural statistics, as these followers, of course, no Likes forgive or write comments.

Here are the disadvantages again:

  • many black sheep
  • inferior products
  • partly obvious fake followers
  • unnatural statistics
  • Loss of trust among customers and business partners

Who are the black sheep and what do their bots do?

The Internet offers countless offers for the purchase of Instagram followers. Many of them are extremely cheap. It is not uncommon for one hundred followers to pay only one to three euros, which is obviously tempting at first glance.

However, if you look more closely at these offers, or even test them, you can quickly see how these low prices come about. As a rule, these are accounts that are not active but have been taken over by bots.

Other companies, however, offer tools that follow other users in the hope that they quasi return in response to the client’s account. This idea is undoubtedly better, but in practice has a big catch: many of these tools do not work as well as advertised, but in the worst case, do not generate any followers at all, meaning useless time and money.

For both variants, therefore, there are undoubtedly the disadvantages which, however, are a logical consequence of the dumping prices. Finally, one should not expect to receive a really high value for a few euros.

What problems do the bots bring with them?

Let’s go back to the Followerbots. While it is undoubtedly the case that many new followers are generated within a short time, often within a few hours. But they alone do not bring any significant added value for the client, because they do not actively participate. In addition, the accounts are usually those that can not have a single post or those that distribute questionable content.

Also typical for bought followers are also the missing profile pictures or offensive profile pictures, the teenager show up without. In such cases, it would be easy for any of your real fans to see that you have bought followers, which will certainly not cast a good light on your brand or company, and potentially more damage than the higher number of followers Benefits.

After all, only the real followers are really valuable to you anyway, since only they would write comments or share your posts on other networks, so you can actually increase your reach.

One should therefore not be tempted by the black sheep and go the supposedly simplest way, because this will ultimately lead to the goal. It’s like most things in life that you do not get success.

Are there any providers who provide real Instagram followers?

But there is good news for those who are considering buying Instagram followers because there are also vendors who provide real Instagram followers. Here are the most disadvantages that make the bots problematic.

Although the companies that offer real followers, the costs are usually higher than the black sheep. But you also get a high quality, which represents a real added value for your own account.

After all, these are real followers with real profile pictures that you can interact with, not obvious fake followers and bots.

Typically, the prices for one hundred real followers are four to ten euros, so you can still spice up the statistics of your own account with relatively little financial effort and thus boost the success of his company.

Since these are genuine and above all active accounts, the risk of a loss of trust of customers and business partners is very low, since the purchased accounts can hardly be recognized as being bought.

What needs to be considered when buying?

So if you want to buy Instagram followers, should pay attention to not hurt yourself. It is particularly important not to pay attention to the price, because the cheapest offers are mostly completely worthless.

As a rule, these are dubious providers who mediate bots and inactive accounts. Although these increase the number of followers, they also bring no added value.

In addition, they may damage their own reputation as soon as it becomes apparent that they are not genuine followers, but merely followers they have bought.

It’s usually not difficult to find out, because on the one hand the profile pictures are usually missing and on the other hand they are accounts that did not write a single post.

If a significant portion of your followers consist of such profiles, it seems reasonable to assume that they are purchased followers. To make matters worse, the bots often spread porn and other questionable content, which can also be a negative impact on their own reputation.

Here is a summary of the points that should be considered:

  • choose a reputable supplier
  • do not fall for the cheapest deals
  • Be sure to buy real followers

Is it morally acceptable to buy or not?

Many people also wonder if it’s morally acceptable to buy Instagram followers or not. It should first be noted that the advertising industry today works with various tricks that are often barely perceptible to the customer. Especially in online marketing, such methods are widely used.

Whether it’s purchased reviews or fake test sites, the Internet is basically full of morally flawed methods of getting customers into a specific act.

Seen in this way, purchased Instagram followers are by no means out of the ordinary and you would only gain a competitive disadvantage if you did not use these options.

Therefore, one does not have to worry too much about the moral aspect of this procedure, since such comparatively harmless tricks are already commonplace today.

Rather, it would be morally reprehensible to renounce these possibilities yourself, because then those companies that resort to questionable methods would benefit.


If you’re new to online marketing and just want to start building on your reach, then it can be quite legitimate to help a little here and buy real instagram followers. However, it is important to pay attention to different things, so as not to harm yourself.

It is therefore particularly important to value quality, with a very low price usually indicating inferior quality.

Most such deals are dodgy companies that only fake followers. Their bots spread beyond questionable content that can throw a very bad light on their own online presence.

On the other hand, if you decide on reputable providers who provide real followers, this is a very interesting opportunity to expand their reach quickly and in the process also gain numerous followers in the normal way.

Moral concerns are understandable in this context, but should not affect the decision too much, since various tricks in advertising and especially in online marketing are commonplace anyway, so you certainly have to make no exception here, if you yourself be successful would like to.

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